Planning for low carbon, low impact development

CEC’s Built Environment Group has submitted a response to Camden’s consultation on the Site Allocation Local Plan.

Climate Emergency Camden does not think that the plans for proposed development are “sound” in relation to the urgent need to mitigate climate change and ecological damage globally, as they do not consider the impact of ’embodied carbon’ of construction. CEC calls on Camden Council to change the plan to:

  • Include an assessment of development areas based on the potential embodied carbon impacts taking into consideration soil conditions and building typologies as well as transportation and energy use.
  • Include requirements for the use of low carbon impact and ecologically beneficial materials in designated development areas based on building typologies.
  • Include a register of all significant buildings in Camden that have the potential for deep retrofit, and a proposed timeframe for carrying out this development to meet the UK’s climate change mitigation targets.

Read the full document here:

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