Climate Emergency Camden (CEC) is a non-party-political coalition of local groups and residents which aims to inspire bold, transformative borough-wide action in response to growing evidence about the threat to people and planet from catastrophic climate and ecological breakdown. CEC was established in April 2019.


To ensure Camden Council, without delay, plays its pivotal borough-wide role in tackling global temperature increases and loss of biodiversity. It may exercise this role through its own actions and by using its unique reach to all sections of the borough to encourage others – individuals, communities, businesses, public bodies – to play their part in taking radical and urgent action. 


Membership is open to all Camden-based groups and individuals who want to take urgent action to tackle climate and ecological breakdown. No fees are charged for membership.


CEC receives no regular funding. Costs to cover specific activities, such as printing, are raised on a voluntary basis as required.


CEC’s activities are coordinated through regular (usually) monthly meetings which are open to all members. CEC strives to maintain an open, non-hierarchical, inclusive structure in which all members are able to contribute to CEC’s operations and priorities.

Ways of working

CEC has developed a far-reaching Call to Action based on the local environmental impacts of energy use, transport, construction, waste, nature, food, finance and business. It seeks to promote implementation of the Call to Action through lobbying Camden Council and other local actors (including our MPs), and participation in relevant forums, groups and activities.

Climate Emergency Camden has several working groups that concentrate on the different areas that are critical to addressing the Climate and Ecological Emergency:

  • Trees and Biodiversity
  • Built Environment
  • Economy and Divestment
  • Transport
  • Waste and Resources
  • Energy
  • Food and agriculture
  • Communication and Education
  • Global climate justice

If you would like to join any of these groups please email us on climateemergencycamden@gmail.com.

Members of the CEC coalition include:

Plus individuals from many different groups including:

Camden Friends of the Earth campaigns for solutions to environmental problems – for action to create a better, greener Camden (and beyond!). We’re all volunteers and are active across the London Borough of Camden – we meet monthly, hold stalls at local festivals, community fairs and markets, organise events and film screenings, and campaign online. As part of the wider network of over 200 local Friends of the Earth groups, we campaign on both local and national issues. We collaborate with other local groups and organisations, and feedback on council and MP decision-making to achieve positive change for our environment, our health, and our community.
Contact details: camdenfoe@gmail.com

The Transition movement was founded in 2006 as a community-led response to the challenges of today climate and ecological crises. It involves creative solutions to building resilient and healthy communities. Current projects include Growing Raglan, the first rewilding project on a housing estate in Camden, which aims to address the threat to biodiversity in the borough and raise awareness of the ecological crisis.

To get involved in practical projects in your area, please contact info@transitionkentishtown.org.uk.

For more details see http://www.transitionkentishtown.org.uk

Divest Camden campaigns to have the Council remove its pension fund monies from the fossil fuel industry. This is a way of both protecting the security of the fund as the industry is risky business, while also tarnishing the image of the industry. We want Camden to become a national climate leader alongside Islington, Southwark, Lambeth, Waltham Forest and others by making it clear that the fossil fuel industry is not welcome in our borough. The industry can’t have a place at the table anymore- it’s a social pariah and we need to treat it that way, at the same time as working to support a just transition for the workers who are part of it.
For more information visit: https://divestcamden.com/
Contact details: divestcamden@gmail.com

Camden Air Action is an alliance of local groups and individuals working together to clean up our local air. Together we strive to raise awareness about the impact of air pollution on local health and local lives, and to take constructive practical action on air quality in Camden. We aim to influence both Camden Council and Transport for London in their statutory clean air action, and to show local communities what individuals can do in their own homes and lives to reduce air pollution. We do this through public meetings and discussions, newsletters and stalls at local events. Past CAA actions include a three month citizen science research project to monitor high pollution levels outside local schools, that has helped lead to Council initiatives to reduce air pollution around Camden schools. For more information visit http://www.camdenairaction.wordpress.com

Camden Green Party is part of the Green Party of England and Wales, which works to end the current economic system that keeps hurting the environment and all of us who rely on it – and to build a better alternative. Locally we campaign to improve social justice, the environment and quality of life for everyone, including getting more Greens elected to Camden Council, the London Assembly, Parliament and the EU.

PUNL is a community benefit society which delivers renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, see. PUNL’s vision is that Camden and Islington become zero carbon boroughs, driven in part by a resilient, independent and collaborative community of local residents harnessing clean energy. We manage projects end to end – from identifying the opportunity, to raising grant funding for the feasibility work, project managing this phase, and if the project is viable, delivering all stages through to installation. In addition to our large projects installing solar panels, we also do lighting audits of community buildings and apply for grants to help these organisations switch over to lower energy LED lighting. We work with partners to deliver fuel poverty workshops and have also advised a housing complex on a private wire solution for sharing the benefits of solar PV between all tenants.
For more information visit: http://www.powerupnorthlondon.org
Contact details: joannamacrae@me.com

Camden Cyclists, aka Camden Cycling Campaign, works to enable people of all ages and abilities to participate in the greenest and most non-polluting transport form, alongside walking. We call for provision of a comprehensive network of high quality, protected lanes and low-car/no-car routes, to make cycling the obvious choice for the majority of car journeys. CCC meets with LB Camden, TfL and Royal Parks to discuss cycle routes and also lead regular local and train-assisted rides that include Lee Valley and SE counties. We meet monthly, having a speaker or topical discussion, and also hold a monthly bike workshop.

For more information visit: camdencyclists.org.uk
Contact details: john@camdencyclists.org.uk

Founded in 1963, the Camden Civic Society is a campaigning charity covering the whole of the Borough of Camden. Our main purpose is to encourage people to become involved in shaping the future of their surroundings. We have been most active in the area of planning and the built environment, and on transport issues including HS2, the climate and ecological emergency. and against noise, air and light pollution.

contact details: camdencivicsociety@gmail.com

Camden has been a Fairtrade borough for over ten years. Camden Fairtrade Network are a group of volunteers who work with the council to promote Fairtrade in the Borough. We also encourage the council to use Fairtrade products where ever possible in their procurement process. Fairtrade is a Global movement and the Climate Crisis is already affecting marginalised farmers the hardest. Part of the Fairtrade accreditation depends on local sustainability.
For more information visit: https://www.fairtrade.org.uk
Contact details: CFN-steering-group@googlegroups.com

We are a group of local people concerned about the impact that single-use plastic has on our environment and our health and we are committed to the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) Plastic Free Communities campaign which enables people to tackle the issue in their own communities.  We want to encourage sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic in our local businesses and community and we want to achieve the SAS accreditation so that we can declare West Hampstead Plastic Free.  We are now working with CEC to bring these positive changes to the whole borough of Camden.

Our website is www.parktheplastic.org and we are on Twitter and Instagram as @parktheplastic#parktheplastic Our email is: parktheplastic@gmail.com

The nature of the Climate and Ecological crisis that we face demands a bold, far-reaching and radical emergency strategy, which will reboot our economy with a just transition to a zero-carbon society living in harmony with a thriving natural world. We are joining thousands of people in the UK in support of the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill). We are asking our MPs Tulip Siddiq and Keir Starmer to support the passage of the CEE Bill through Parliament.

Hopscotch Women’s Centre support women facing racial and gender inequity with issues around poverty and abuse. We also help women far from the job market move slowly and sustainably towards financial independence.

To get involved, please contact CamdenCEEBill@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter @CamdenCEEBill.

Redington and Frognal Neighbourhood Forum was established in 2014. The Redington and Frognal Neighbourhood Plan, adopted by Camden Council in 2021, aims to provide a clear framework for future development through a robust set of Policies. They offer a vision of sustainable growth and development which is appropriate, strikes a balance between enabling growth to meet need, while ensuring that it takes account of the needs of future generations, social, economic and environmental sustainability, and is supported by Forum residents.