Build Back Better

CEC, together with other groups, have written to the the leader of Camden Council about what will happen after Covid crisis is over, and public money is made available to drive the economy. Rather simply rebuild what we had before, we call on Camden to invest in a more resilient future.

The crisis shows three key things:

  • First, the current health crisis is symptomatic of the wider crisis of climate change and
    the destruction of nature .
  • Second, it has shown that in times of crisis, human beings are remarkably adaptive and
    can deliver radical change at speed.
  • Third, as ever, the most vulnerable amongst are hit the hardest when we don’t get the
    right policies in place.

CEC calls on Camden Council to:

  • Lobby national government to ensure that public funds are used to deliver a just
    transition to a zero emission economy and a more resilient future.
  • Focus recovery funding on investments that create local green jobs.
  • Revisit the Council’s existing budget to identify ways in which it could be
    repurposed to deliver a more resilient future .
  • Sustain the renewed sense of community and mutual aid.

Read the full letter here:

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