CEC urges Camden to honour detail and spirit of Citizens Assembly proposals

Climate Emergency Camden has pledged to work with Camden Council to implement the 17 outcomes arising from the borough’s Citizens Assembly, held in July.

CEC was represented on the steering group for the Citizens Assembly and CEC members made presentations to one of the Citizens Assembly sessions: Dee Searle presented ideas for how Camden Council should act to tackle climate and environmental emergency, and Debbie Bourne and Steven Evans talked about how residents can cut carbon and support biodiversity at home.

Senior council officials invited CEC representatives to meet them on 23 August to hear how the council is approaching implementing the 17 outcomes and to share CEC’s ideas on how to develop the outcomes further.

There has been concern, reported in the media, that Camden’s Citizens Assembly was not able to reach its full potential because it was given too little time, which meant that participants were not given sufficient opportunity to develop detailed and more far-reaching proposals. CEC shares these concerns but has pledged to work with Camden Council to honour the spirit of the discussions at the Citizens Assembly sessions.

CEC will take forward its ideas when it presents to a full meeting of Camden Council on 7th October, when the Council is expected to formally declare a Climate and Environmental Emergency.

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